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    Coffee & Machines 

Bonita Hua Hin Co. Ltd. is the new name for the sales of Boncafé products and service in Hua Hin, Cha Am, ...... . For years, there is a successful relationship with Boncafé Thailand. To offer our customers an even better service and additional products, the company Bonita was born. We want to be both retail and business customers in the business that a partner. Our experience with the coffee shop products and our knowledge of the preparation technique and the professional use of coffee-like machines, we share with our customers.

Especially for the advice before we take the time to understand their requirements for our products and find the best possible product for them.

But even after the sale are their requirements for the use and operation of products to meet the special service for Coffee Machines, an important aspect of our business philosophy.

"Branded products at competitive prices and professional service"


 The leading Thai-Swiss roast & ground gourmet coffee manufacturer
and major producer of various types of powdered mixes.


  • To source and sell the best Thai coffee beans all over the world.
  • To deliver the best of quality products and services to
    our customers while constantly striving to improve.
  • To have fun and enjoy every venture that we undertake.




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