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    Imported German Beer in Hua Hin:        Erdinger,  Bitburger,  Koenig Pilsener,  Koestritzer  &  Warsteiner

Asia Girls sales German Beer

German beers are famous throughout the world. The number of local breweries is unique, the quality and variety of speciality beers in this country is unmatched.

On the other side: While other countries since decades (!) enjoy prospering beer specialty markets, a lively public exchange and spectacular national festivals like Stockholm, Copenhagen and Denver, there simply used to be no equivalent to all this in Germany.

Beer is a major part of German culture. For many years German beer was brewed in adherence to the Reinheitsgebot order or law which only permitted water, hops and malt as beer ingredients until its repeal in 1988. The order also required that beers not exclusively using barley-malts such as wheat beer must be top-fermented.

Since 1993, the production of beer has been governed by the Provisional German Beer Law which allows a greater range of ingredients and additives.

Germany ranked second in terms of per-capita beer consumption.
  • Weizenbier and Weißbier are the standard German names for wheat beer - "Weizen" is German for "wheat", and "weiss" is German for "white"
  • Hefeweizen — an unfiltered wheat beer. 'Hefe' is German for yeast.
  • Kristallweizen is a filtered wheat beer.
  • Altbier — A bottom-fermented, dark beer,
    similar to traditional British 'bitter.
  • Dunkles — Dark lager which comes in two main varieties: the sweetish, malty Munich style and the drier, hoppy Franconian style
While the beer market is weaker but more centralized in northern Germany, the south has lots of smaller local breweries. Almost half of all German breweries are in Bavaria. In total, there are approximately 1300 breweries in Germany producing over 5000 brands of beer. The highest density of breweries in the world is found near the city of Bamberg, in the Franconia region of Bavaria. The Benedictine abbey Weihenstephan brewery (established in 725) is reputedly the oldest existing brewery in the world (brewing since 1040). In 2004 Oettinger replaced Krombacher as the best selling brand in Germany.

Alcohol content

The alcohol-by-volume, or ABV, content of beers in Germany is usually between 4.7% and 5.4% for most traditional brews. Bockbier or Doppelbock (double Bockbier) can have an alcohol content of up to 16%, making it stronger than many wines.

Erdinger Website

Where there are even German beer and spirits in Hua Hin ?

Every country and every culture has its products in the same look. The German beer brewing is exceptionally and produces excellent beers. The grapes harvested in the sunny south of Europe and produced over individuals as traditional recipes for the production of wines delicious wines, champagne and liqueurs.

We import the best german beer and offer it here in Hua Hin for sale.

Warsteiner Die Kampagne mehr....

Over 250 years of tradition, the best German brewing techniques and pure ingredients WARSTEINER have made it what it is today: an international premium lager category. Such a top beer deserves to be presented in a unique way. Therefore, the only thing is the focus of the new WARSTEINER brand campaign: the product.

Impressively staged:

- With a purist and fresh production
- With a unique presentation, setting itself apart from other brands
- With pictures, like we have seen in the television and print advertising has never


Many awards for Erdinger Weissbier

In Erding, you know how good white beer is brewed, it is no secret. All of this is officially confirmed, the numerous awards that got the private brewery Erdinger Weißbräu 2009 for their specialties. The launch made the "ECO-Testjahrbuch food, drink and enjoy 2009," the thoughtful the Erdinger Weissbier with fine yeast exclusively with top marks. For the ERDINGER Urweisse there was the title of "Newcomer of the Year 2008" by the prestigious journal "beverages newspaper. The same opinion were the readers of the gastrointestinal specialist magazine FIZZZ who voted in November to the newcomers' drinks highlight of the year 2009 ".

Unbeatable there was also alcohol-free version of the House ERDINGER. "The clear test winner Erdinger alcohol-free" - as judged by the editors their product testing of soft white beers. Here, the non-alcoholic specialty was found particularly refreshing and thirst quenching. Convinced she has the culinary experts from the WDR broadcast "goose and cooking", which voted Erdinger alcohol-free for their favorites.

Especially outside of filtered Bavaria like (crystal clear) Wheat beers are drunk without yeast turbidity. And also the white beer specialist plays from Erding in the first division: In crystal wheat test the men's magazine "Men's Health" landed Erdinger Weissbier crystal on the podium.

  Bitburger Beer Koenigs Pilsener Beer Koestritzer Black Beer

Every day, the Bitburger Brewery’s eight bottling and keg filling units prove that precision and speed can go hand in hand with quality. Cutting-edge technology has long been a fundamental part of these complex processes, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Take the No. 3 bottling unit for the 0.5 l Vichy bottle as an example. 120,000 bottles pass through this machine every hour during peak periods. Each bottle is perfectly cleaned, filled, labelled and packed, just one of the many day-to-day tasks at a modern bottling plant.
Just before the bottles are filled they are rinsed out and tempered with CO². This forces the oxygen out of the bottles and builds up the pressure required for bottling. Only then can fresh Premium Beer flow into the bottles without foaming. This prevents the carbon dioxide from escaping and the beer from coming into contact with atmospheric oxygen – both of which would have an adverse effect on the beer’s shelf life. This whole process means that the high quality of Bitburger beer is always guaranteed.

Next, the bottles are sent for labelling. Labels are automatically applied and double-sided brushes ensure they are properly positioned before the bottles are quickly and carefully packed into crates.
König Pilsener (Germany) a Classic German Pilsener beer by König Brauerei (Bitburger), a brewery in Duisburg, North Rhine-Westphalia.

The Köstritzer brewery has been owned by the Bitburger Brauerei since 1991. It is located in Bad Köstritz, which is close to Gera in Thuringia.

The brewery was founded in 1543 and it is one of the oldest producers of Schwarzbier (black lager) in Germany.

One of the most famous drinkers of Köstritzer Schwarzbier was Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who sustained himself on black beer from Köstritz when he was unable to eat during a period of illness.

The total output of the brewery increased from 14,500,000 L in 1991 to 91,000,000 L in 2004.

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